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Gas Detector
Get from us reliable gas detector range that is designed to support HARA policy. This kind of device is installed in a setting where there is a high risk of hazardous gas leaks. It monitors and detects the gas leak and thus prevent injuries and damage to assets. 
Oxygen Analyzer
We have in stock different models of oxygen analyzer in order to meet varied purposes. Stack gas analyzer is used to measure the amount of oxygen content in the exhaust air post combustion. Similarly, other models are used for different applications. 
Gas Analyzer
You can measure how clean is the air by monitoring the atmosphere and this can be done by using a gas analyzer. Businessmen can use this device to calculate the presence of concentrates of gases, like carbon dioxide, oxygen, ammonia and many other in their processes and systems. 
Humidity Meter
A humidity meter is a measurement device used in industrial facilities to measure the humidity or moisture in the products or environment. It can also measure the amount of humidity in gases as well as air in pipelines, buildings, etc. 
RH Meter
RH (Relative Humidity) is the measurement of humidity in the air and its stability depends on the stability of temperature. RH meter is utilized to measure humidity, wet bulb temperature, dew point temperature and ambient temperature. 
Dew Meters
Dew meters are reliable portable instruments used in industries to determine the accurate dew point. If the dew point is higher than the ambient temperature, people can take measures to control it. 
Data Loggers
Get your hands on humidity and temperature datalogger to measure both humidity and temperature at regular intervals. This instrument is highly demanded in industrial facilities where humidity and temperature play a key role. 

Flame Detector
Buy from us a UV/IR type flame detector, an instrument with dual sensors that detects the presence of flame. This explosion and dust ignition proof instrument is ideal to use in hazardous areas. 

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